What we do

We create a secure online portal for your clients to download your tenders quickly and easily.  In addition, the site will be in-line with your company branding.  It’s far more cost effective than issuing tenders by post, and it’s greener too.
Take a look at the branded portal we created for Two Rox Design – just click the link below and scroll to the example portal to try a file download.

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How does it work?

  • Transfer your tender documents to us however you like (which could be email, post, dropbox etc.)
  • We make your files available for download in one password protected location
  • You choose the password and send it to your clients
  • Your clients download the files that they need
  • File availability expires after a time chosen by you


Our Clients

Click to see the portals we created for them!

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  • Your current costs
  • Your costs using Cloud tenders

Estimated costs of issuing 50 tenders per annum by post

For each tender:

£300 salary (based on chief estimator salary and each tender taking roughly 1 day)

£80 for 80 CDs

£35.20 for postage and letters (based on 1st class stamps at 44p each)

So cost per tender is £415.20

Total cost per annum is £20,760

Cost of issuing 50 tenders per annum using Cloud Tenders

£1200 one time set up fee (website design and development)

For each tender:

£20 salary (based on chief estimator taking 30 mins)

Upload fee starting at £10

So each tender now costs from just £30 to issue

So for one year (inc. setup fee) thats a total cost of £1500. A saving of £18,060 for the first year, compared to issuing tenders by post.

Each subsequent year you save £19,260, since there is just one set up fee.

“Cloud Tenders were a great choice for our company – they saved us £14,000 in just one year and that’s a conservative estimate! Great customer service too.”

David Stephens, Readie Construction Ltd David Stephens, Readie Construction Ltd